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What is the Right Price?

If we charge too much for our work nobody will buy it [ That's for sure :) ]
BUT if we charge too little, we are wasting our time, energy, and talent, ya? It may look pricey but do remember, these are hand-made (IS NOT factory-made!) Every item we made are with these pair of hands with the skill we had acquired and perfected thru hours of practice! PLUS – the precious TIME!

Below are the factor we considered when we price our handmade:
1. Time - the hours spent to complete the project
2. Complexity - intricate pattern and level of difficulty to complete it.
3. Quality of work - the finishing, outlook, and level of perfection/ flawlessness of the completed item
4. Material - the quality, quantity, and cost of the materials used
5. Uniqueness - being the only one of a kind

Besides, people tend to forget the incidental costs in handmade items, not just the hours spent and the cost for material that is in the project, but for electricity used, the cost of getting materials in, photography, etc.. We do not always get a return on the items we make, sometimes we just barely cover the costs.

Making handmade items take time to create the MASTERPIECE. People don't realise the time involved. Furthermore, crafters alike put a lot of love and effort into their items... it is a labor of love or to some, a delight out of making something special. Not everyone appreciate handmade (maybe because it’s the price) OR understand why we want to MAKE something with our hands, when they can just BUY factory-made items at much lower cost. BUT knowing that somebody out there appreciate our work, it gives a warm feeling and make us feel good, aren’t that correct, crafters out there?

We are doing something we like to do, and we do hope that you'll find something you like to have from here!

One last note:
"Handmade can never expect to be Cheap"
The only way you can be done cheaper is to do it yourselves! :)

Thank you!
Gwen Soo
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