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Batu Seremban [Introduction]

Batu Seremban, also known as "Batu Serembat" or "Tujuh Buah", is a popular local childhood traditional game. Played in a small group of 2-4 members or more, on a flat and clean surface eg. on the table, or sitting on the floor, using 5 or 7 hard objects such as stones, rubber seed, etc. This game is enjoyed by all sex nowadays no matter whether you’re old or young.

My Handmade Batu Seremban

Today, I have turn this game into a creatively hand-crafted rainbow colors sachets. Each pack consists of seven different colors cloth pyramid sachets, stuffed with sandstones, and packed in a beautiful drawstring pouch.

Product History

My inspiration of making this rainbow colors stones came from a childhood poem reads:

" Red, orange, yellow
green, blue, indigo-violet
mystic vision arcs

Red, orange yellow
green blue indigo follow
graceful violet glows

Red orange yellow
green blue indigo follow
violet rainbow mists

Shy crescent appears
lifting happy spirits soar
listen to my wish
………………. "

I hope you will enjoy tossing and picking up these seven colorful “stones” as much as I enjoy making it.
Stay cheered and be delighted!

Available in 2 sets of colors:
Vibrant Rainbow Colors SSSSSSS
Pastel Rainbow Colors   SSSSSSS


Benefits of The Game

Motor Skills and Coordination
Interaction Understand and discuss the rules of the game
Counting Calculate and record the point of each set of game
Sharing best experience to play the game
Team Work Practice the game together
Observation Pay attention when other members playing the game

Watch video on HOW TO PLAY :

Five Stones game (also known as Jacks, Batu Seremban, Knucklebones, etc)

RM15 per set
Free Postage for order above 5sets - can choose assorted designs
BEST VALUE as part of initiative to promote local traditional games

To order, please email handmadedelight@gmail.com

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